Eight Months and Counting!

inn in background with large blue white and orange moving truck in the drivewayWhew!  A LOT has happened for us in the last year and especially since November!  This first blog post for our new, soon-to-be-launched website is being written on our eight-month anniversary as innkeepers.  We arrived at a mercifully quiet time of the year, giving us time to get our bearings and do some work on the inn during the cold (and long!) winter.  Now we are in the thick of the Busy Season and are barely able to catch our breath in the midst of guests checking in and checking out.  It’s all good!  We’re glad to have taken on the mantel of “Innkeepers” and are learning new things every day.

During our first year as a couple – that would be 2005 – we stayed at our first B&B together.  It was somewhere in Massachusetts and could be described as “disappointing.” Rick fell down a short flight of stairs in the dark (no night light!) and the eggs at breakfast were runny (the white part!)  We started making a mental list of how we would do things differently if we were in charge!  That continued through a series of approximately fifty B&B stays over the next twelve years.  Rick maintained a small art business for many years and frequently bartered pen and ink illustrations of inns in exchange for lodging as we traveled.  We talked often of becoming innkeepers in retirement but most often concluded that it would be too much work! 

Early last summer, with Leroy already retired and Rick’s retirement looming, we revisited the possibility of buying an inn.  Since we still had a lot energy (on most days!) and were ready for a new adventure of some sort, innkeeping seemed to make a lot of sense for us.  We have always loved the Finger Lakes of New York, so we traveled from Colorado to visit several B&Bs that were for sale in the region.  The last place on our itinerary was Greenwoods Inn.  Have you ever had the experience while house-hunting of walking into a place that immediately says to you “Welcome Home!”?  That was what we felt when we saw the inn for the first time.  Three months later we packed up all our stuff and headed east to Honeoye.  We haven’t regretted the change of geography or vocation for a moment!

Eight months has passed quickly as we’ve gotten oriented to our new life and done extensive renovations in the inn.  The former owners/innkeepers, Lisa and Mike Ligon, have been so gracious and helpful to us as we have asked a thousand questions about reservations systems, favorite recipes of guests, and many other details about running a B&B.  We’re excited right now to premier the new website with images of refreshed guest rooms, common areas, and outdoor spaces.  As we move forward, we are maintaining our niche as a high quality and reasonably priced bed and breakfast in the Finger Lakes.  And… according to TripAdvisor, after more than fifty new reviews in the past several months, Greenwoods is still the #1 rated inn out of ONE bed and breakfast in Honeoye, New York!  Can’t do any better than that!  So… life is good here at Greenwoods and we look forward to welcoming you here in the days ahead!

Rick & Leroy, Innkeepers  🙂

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